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yellow rose of hope made by Ruth BlanchetEvery quilt has a story attached to it, whether it be short or long, it is always personal to the maker and the receiver which makes every quilt special. Today I want to share my story of a quilt I made this week.

With Mother's day just around the corner, you might think I was making this quilt for my mother, my biggest supporter. "Sorry Mum, not this time, but I know you already enjoy a number of my quilts so I'm sure you won't mind and can appreciate the healing and soothing it is intended for." The design would, however, make a wonderful mother's day gift!

The quilt in question as seen here is named "Yellow Rose of Hope".

Let me explain the name first, and then I will tell you how it came about. I made this quilt for a very special friend who has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. A "yellow rose" because yellow is his favorite colored rose and "hope' that he beats this cancer into remission and goes on to enjoy life for many, many more years. 

So how did I come about creating this quilt? Would you believe, the beginning was long before I knew I was even making it. In fact, it stems back to 2009 when my friend (above) and I were capturing photos of roses for use in a quilt at some point. We were collecting many photos from many gardens so I am not sure where the photo I used to inspire this quilt actually came from.

Then in 2013, I started creating a flower block for every week of the year. Yes, that's 52 different flowers published in 52 weeks. (you can see them here). Among them was a rose, but not this rose design, yet the same photo was one to inspire that block. 

Now in 2016, quite by chance and maybe because my friend was at the fore of my mind, as I worked on my new online workshop (Free Software for Quilters), I used that said photo to demonstrate the tools and procedures of GIMP and Inkscape. In doing so, the rose design was created and I knew I should make it.

I used fusible webbing to create the rose and leaves, fusing them together to make a single motif. Once that was completed, I started auditioning suitable background fabrics. I tried a number but could not settle on one. However, in the corner of my eye, I kept seeing another project I was working on that had similar colors. The project in question is an experimental piece for another workshop I'm currently working on. It kept on drawing my attention! So I laid the applique on top of it.

I recreated that background, added the rose motif and stitched it.... and thus, "Yellow Rose of Hope" was born. And I have to add, it was greatly appreciated by the receiver.

So that's the story of how this quilt was created and why. I'd love to hear your quilt story too. Either send a photo and your story to me to post here on my blog or post it on the new facebook group I made especially for quilt stories. https://www.facebook.com/groups/quiltstories/ 

I cannot wait to read them all!

About This Pattern: "Yellow Rose of Hope" is a perfect Mother's Day gift. The quilt will come together in no time at all with easy fusible webbing applique techniques. The original design is made in shades of yellow, but you can choose your favorite rose color. Learn Ruth's soft-edge applique technique to make perfect points and no-fray edges. Find out more....

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