Fireworks in Spring or Winter?

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I named my new quilt Fireworks in Spring, but it all depends on the colors you use as to what season it should be named. As I was writing the pattern, I created a different setting using different colors so that quilt became Fireworks in Winter. 

fireworks in winter

Could this work for "Fireworks in Fall"?

fireworks in fall

One thing I love about this quilt though is the use of color and size of blocks, look closely at it and some of the blocks appear to be popping out at you!

fireworks in spring side

Fireworks in Spring

So, how did this design come about? Would you believe from an ugly fabric? Well, I thought it was ugly but yet I turned it into quite a stunning design because of the complimentary fabrics I choose to use with it.

fireworks in spring complimentary fabrics

The amazing thing is, the applique can be adjusted easily and various applique techniques can be used to stitch it whether you are a beginner or advanced quilter. For example a beginner might prefer to use blanket stitch applique as you see in the blue triangle below and an advanced quilter might prefer my double stitched free-motion technique you see in the pink triangle. Yet another option is to couch around the edge such as in the center triangle.  

fireworks in winter applique options

suitable applique techniques

For the corners in the winter version, you can add triangles in various ways, or simply quilt them instead. Here's one option...

fireworks in winter corners

Or alternatively, you can add the triangles in the corners....

corner triangle alternative

Or simply quilt them instead...quilted triangles

If you'd like to give this all a try, you can find my pattern here: Fireworks in Spring - both versions are available in the download as are directions for my free-motion technique and couching. For beginners, you can find some tips here for Blanket Stitch applique and if that's not enough to get started, leave me a note and I'll help you out!

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