Inside the Board Bag

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As you will have read from my last blog post, I've been updating the board bag and making myself a new tote in new colors. I'm really liking the combination. I do think the Amsterdam Star looks good in just 3 fabrics. What do you think?

Amsterdam block

In the original pattern I added plain extensions to the side of the Amsterdam Star to create the mat pocket. This pocket is as wide as the tote so the 24" wide cutting mat can fit inside.

board bag inside

For the update I included additional pockets on the extension for some larger equipment like big scissors.extension pockets items

The pockets are easy to make. I have two on each side, both are layers with batting and lining. The smaller one I quilted a dragonfly on using a variegated orange thread.

pocket quilted

Since the smaller pocket covers much of the larger pocket, I didn't quilt it, however doing an all over quilting design on it like a meandering or stipple, will keep the layers flatter and together.

I add binding along the top edges....extension pockets with binding

...then basted them both together with the extension section.

All the remaining edges are sewn into the seams or binding so it really isn't difficult to add in these extra pockets.

mat pocket with pockets on extensions

If you want more information about this pattern, check it out here: "Carry All Board Bag".


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