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Patterns for Learning Bargello Techniques

For the last 12 years I have taught my beginner's Bargello course Bargello Seasons. This class has always been a popular one but sometimes a quilter doesn't need so much information all at once so I transferred the four projects into patterns. Of course, there isn't as much information in a pattern as there is in the course, but you still get to learn the techniques you need to create each project.

The most popular designs are Winter and Autumn, although both are a little more difficult than Summer and Spring which is where you should start if you are not familiar with the Bargello techniques. Both Summer and Spring I decided to remake for the patterns, whereas Autumn and Winter are the original quilts used in the class.

Bargello in Spring

Bargello in Summer

Bargello in Spring Bargello in Summer

Bargello in Autumn

Bargello in Winter

Bargello in Autumn Bargello in Winter

click images for find out more about each individual pattern

"Bargello in Spring" is the most basic design of the four with the degree of difficulty increasing through to "Bargello in Winter". With each season you will discover the secrets of all the Bargello styles and how to construct the various Bargello quilts. I am excited to have this series of patterns available individually so you can progress at your own speed. 

Bargello building is fun and exciting. I love coming up with new designs. This series of quilts will definitely prepare you for the more challenging Bargello designs like Bargello Blues seen below.

popular bargello quilt - bargello blues

Click on the image to find out more about Bargello Blues

I hope you will enjoy the Bargello techniques as much as I do. You can find more Bargello patterns on our website at Arbee Designs including my very latest design "Reflections".

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