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Recently I've been working on my 'new-look' carryall board bag. I made a new front pocket using a different block and some fun modern looking colors.

carry all bag alternative look

I really like the Amsterdam Star block so stuck with that block and just changed the fabrics to match the front pocket. I did make it a little different by eliminating one fabric and using the background fabric for fabric A and fabric B.

amsterdam block new

Amsterdam Star block

For the center of the star, I fussy cut the fabric. It's easy with our see-through patchwork rulers. I just positioned it centered within the 5" square I needed to cut. It would have been even easier if I used a 5" square ruler!

fussy cutting

Fussy cutting design on fabric

Here's how it looks cut out.

fussy cut center

center patch

With all the pieces cut, I made the half square triangles. There are two different sizes in this block. I used the "Quilt in a Day" square up ruler to make quick work of them. Here they are all trimmed to size in no time at all.

HST trimmed

trimmed using the Quilt in a Day ruler

As I put the blocks together, I noticed a few tips that I could add to the pattern - which I have done now. One of my favorite things to do is lay out all the pieces to ensure I have the half square triangles facing the right way. This also makes it easy to see which pieces need to be sewn together first. Of course, the correct sequence is written in the pattern, but I do this regardless.

sections of unit two

Laying out the sections makes piecing straight forward

Now that my Amsterdam Star block is all joined together, I can go ahead and put my extensions on, but this time I'm going to add pockets to them. More about this in my next post. Be sure to check my next post!

Here's more information about my "Carry All Board Bag" pattern.

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