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At the beginning of this month, I released my latest quilt pattern called "Moon Lake". It is an applique pattern and from the title I'm sure you can guess that it has a moon and lake in it. The design is all applique, however it didn't start out that way. My first intention was to have a pieced background with flowers around the border, but then I decided I wanted to create a scene so a lake was born along with mountains and a night sky.

I decorated the border with applique flowers which stemmed from one of my flower blocks, Primula. I used the flower design idea to create much larger flowers adding a yellow center and black beads to finish off. These are placed around the border, but not continuously. In the gaps, I quilted additional flowers.

Moon Lake Border Flower

Moon Lake finished up at 24" x 28", a perfect wall hanging size. I enjoyed making this quilt and publishing the pattern, and it has already proven to be successful. I've had some really positive feedback. I cannot wait to see some photos of the finished quilts when they are complete - perhaps I'll get to make a colorful gallery of them all. Now it is time for me to move onto making a new pattern. I'm not sure what that will be yet so I had better get my thinking cap on.

You can find out more details about "Moon Lake" on my website.

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