More Ways Than One to Use An Applique Pattern

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It suddenly occured to me that my applique flowers can be made in a number of other ways, not just applique so today I wanted to show you how I created a new block from one of my existing flower blocks - actually, I chose my very first flower block in my BOW series, the pansy.

What I decided to do was to embroider it instead of applique. Since I provide a layout template in all the block patterns this makes it really easy to transfer to embroidery. I start by using the template to draw the outline on my background fabric - I've used a white on white for that. The lightbox under the template sheet makes it easy to see or you can hold it up to a window if you prefer. Note: This particular template is reduced in this pattern so it will fit inside an 8" square - bonus!

pansy tracing

Tracing the layout onto background

Using the colored photo as a guide, I selected a bunch of machine embroidery threads. The colored photo makes it easy but you could easily use whatever colors you like or have on hand. The pansy block is colorful so I chose 6 colors for the flowers and 2 greens for the leaves and stems.

pansy thread selection

Thread selection

Now all I need to do is embroider around the outline I drew. I'm using my sewing machine but you can do this by hand too. 

pansy first flower embroidered

First flower embroidered

This was more fun that I imagined. Here's how the whole block looks.

pansy embroidered

Pansy Block Design Embroidered

I have a strong urge to do more. This was quick and fun to make so it won't take long to make enough for a whole quilt! Which flower would you like me to stitch next? can find my list of flowers here: Flower Block Collection

Perhaps you'll join me in the next one.

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  • Joan, I had thought about adding color but wanted to keep it all to straight edge embroidery mainly to keep it simple for those who would like to give it a try. Maybe I could add color for the next block. It's amazing what you can actually do with one small pattern! Thanks for your suggestion.

    Posted by Ruth, 16/06/2020 1:55pm (2 years ago)

  • You definitely could use the templates for a quilting design Marsha, in fact, I often suggest this in my patterns. A border filled with pansies would look great don't you think? Single motif designs are also a cool idea for adding around borders.

    Posted by Ruth, 16/06/2020 1:52pm (2 years ago)

  • this looks cool, Ruth. are you going to fill some in with thread painting or sketching whatever it's called!!?? or with colored pencils? I took a class at the last quilt fest, and Joyce Hughes did something like this. the picture was drawn, we colored in with pencils, then stitched around it in black. I have yet to do the stitching part! take care stay well!!

    Posted by Joan R Johnson, 16/06/2020 9:59am (2 years ago)

  • Instead of embroidery, you could also use the patterns for quilting templates.

    Posted by Marsha, 16/06/2020 7:20am (2 years ago)

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