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Stained Glass Rose

I was taking a look at what patterns were the most popular for 2013 and I was quite surprised at the mix of techniques.

The biggest hit this year was my Stained Glass Rose.

As the name suggests, this pattern is stained glass applique. Stain glass applique is one of the easiest applique techniques although this particular design is advanced. Bias binding is used to form the leading around all the sections.

What I love about stained glass applique is that it is quick to put together. I had this whole design finished in a weekend. The colors are bright and stand out well with the black leading and there is enough variation in the red fabrics to create dimension. This quilt is a wall hanging with a finished size of 18" x 24".

The second most popular pattern this year was Celtic Jewel. This design is a mix between patchwork and applique. It includes a celtic design thus also uses bias binding which is used to form the celtic. My Celtic Jewel is made in autumn colors for the background and includes purple, red, gold and turquoise for the applique.

Celtic Jewel

This quilt includes some very detailed quilting which of course I love to do. It was time consuming but a pleasure to make. Celtic Jewel is a bed quilt and the pattern is written in two sizes, 70" square and 70" x 82". The quilt in the photo above is the 70" x 70" size. Once the center is completed, it is really easy to make extra blocks to extend it and make it even bigger than 82". Adding additional borders would make it even larger. Maybe you could even repeat the celtic design around the outside. Lots of ideas.

Fractured Seasons

The third biggest seller this year has been Fractured Seasons. Fractured Seasons is a pair of bargello quilts, one fall and one winter design. For this bargello I have mixed in applique. The fractures within the design break up the bargello and in some cases the applique too which makes it appear as if they are behind it.

The bargello design is the same for both bargellos however the applique and borders differ. You can use the pieced border or plain border on either. Mine show the pieced border on the fall quilt and plain on the winter one. I think the fall quilt photographs better than the winter does, but the winter bargello looks just as nice in person. These wall hangings have finished sizes of 30" x 36".

Fractured Seasons

Closely behind Fractured Seasons is our fourth most popular pattern and one of our best sellers of last year, Trinity Celtic Knot. It is still a very popular quilt and fascinating to look at. I have seen it made up in many different colors and they all look great. It is also available as a class at the Academy of Quilting. Trinity Celtic Knot is Deborah Cohen's design and the quilt pattern comes in three sizes, 58", 87" & 115" sq.

Trinity Celtic Knot

For more details about any of these patterns please see our website at or use the individual links below.


Stained Glass Rose designed by Ruth Blanchet
Celtic Jewel designed by Ruth Blanchet
Fractured Seasons designed by Ruth Blanchet
Trinity Celtic Knot designed by Deborah Cohen

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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