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There is nothing better than quilting a project together. That's what my mother and I did recently when she came to visit. She wanted to make a gift for her good friend Rosemary who she was going to visit so I suggested my design "Star Runner" made in Fall colors. As it happened Mum was visiting in Fall and those were some of Rosemary's favorite colors - so I hear.

Mum does sew but not a lot of quilting so I helped by cutting while she did the stitching. We decided that we shouldn't make the full length version so I figured out how to make just 3 stars instead of 5. That was easy enough so we set to.

Piecing the stars

One of the fun things about quilting is that it can sometimes be like a jigsaw puzzle. Making different units and laying them out to make the design. The two end stars were easy blocks, the center star constructed as sashing so the points of each touch yet at the same time they float inside the border. A fun project for sure.

Laying out the pieces

So once Mum had the piecing completed (with a little help from me as she wasn't used to my machine) I quilted it for her. I added some star quilting within the center of the stars.

Can you see the quilted star in the center?

And then I meandered in the background adding little star motifs every so often.

meandering with more stars

Star Runner Variation Finished

Mum presented her gift to Rosemary who couldn't have been more delighted and it now takes center stage on her dining table. The perfect size too!

Rosemary's coffee table

it wouldn't be complete without a swan

Thanks for the photos Mike!

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  • Wonderful gift and I like the 3 star version - perfect for a quick weekend project.

    Posted by Jen, 01/12/2012 7:07pm (9 years ago)

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