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Posted by Ruth on 9 March 2017 | 34 Comments

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It's taken me a little time to write this blog post because I am still in shock-horror of what has happened to me. The purpose of this post is to make my fellow quilters, teachers, and colleagues aware of what is going on. When nothing is said, nothing changes so my hope is that you will spread the word so this sort of behavior doesn't continue. 

stained glass rose designed by Ruth BlanchetThis quilt is one I designed in 2012. I have it published as a pattern and I teach my technique online at A couple of weeks ago it was brought to my attention that a certain person - a so-called quilter, teacher and quilt shop owner, stole my design by making copies of it and giving it out to her students at one of the biggest quilt shows in America. The thing is, she priced it with her own shop details and barcode. How many did she sell or simply give away in class (not to mention her shop), no one knows except her, but for all those she copied, were stolen from me.

What baffles me is, she had the audacity to include my copyright infringement notice, something she totally ignored herself. How can one do that? It's straight out stealing!

And what's more, she couldn't even make her own sample. She gave my photo to the show to advertise her class! 

Yes, I'm upset. My business in quilting is my only source of income and anyone in the quilting business knows how hard it is to make a living from this, but that's no reason to steal. Any honest person would have asked permission to use my design and purchased the patterns. This sort of thing happens way too often and it's time some of the big guns like quilt shows and distributors, stepped in and helped put a stop to it. 

There is nothing wrong with teaching someone else's pattern, but do it the honest way please. Purchase the patterns first, don't steal them.

By the way, I notified the show and I'm yet to hear back from them. I'll update you when I hear more.

UPDATE: I have been able to make contact with the said person and been compensated for the stolen patterns used in her class.

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