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Today I was stitching down the binding on my newest quilt called "Spring to Fall" and realized that many quilters do not know how to put on a straight binding. Most use a mitered corner binding. Therefore I thought it was probably a good idea to update my straight binding lesson as it was 10 years old.

When you make a quilt with straight borders, you should also make straight binding for that quilt even though most quilters don't. When you make a quilt with mitered borders, then you should miter your binding. 

Straight binding is easy, it is attached the same as you would attach a border. The only difference is you turn the binding over the raw edge and stitch it to the back.

If you put the border sides (vertical sides) on first, then you should also put the binding sides (vertical sides) on first. Or, if you put the top and bottom strips on first, then you should do the same with the binding.

I usually use a single binding for this, mostly because my quilts are wall hanging so don't get as much wear and tear as a bed quilt would. I always turn the binding edge that was put on first under so the seam is covered and not visible. Here is a series of photos to show you.

Folding binding to back of quilt


Pin binding in place

Straight binding

For the full instructions for binding click here: Straight Binding Instructions.

Here is a photo of my new quilt "Spring to Fall" which was released today. More to come about this soon.


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