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As I was taking a closer look at quilt pattern "Blooming Trellis" today, I realized that not everyone would like to make the background pieced trellis. The pattern is detailed with step by step instruction for the creation, but it does take a little time so I wanted to come up with another solution to create the same sort of effect.

Blooming Trellis

First let's look at the pattern.

This design has a trellis background with a flowering Black-eyed Susan vine extending up the right side and across the top. The applique is easy one-piece flowers with a central black dot - these could be buttons instead if you like. My pattern includes instructions on how-to blanket stitch and I give detail description with graphics for the patchwork background. Here are some graphices complete with pressing directions (red arrows) that can be found in the pattern.

Detailed graphics

I also include a layout guide and stitching guide for patterns that need it. You can easily see where the stitching is required and the pieces are placed in this section of the guide.

part of the layout guide

Blooming Trellis has a detailed pieced background.

notice how the lattice weaves in and out

However this can be easily made with applique instead and the layout guide can be used to place the strips evenly so no drawing or measuring is necessary.

I cut 1/2" strips, which is the finished size of the pieced trellis or you could use 1/2" bias binding. It is best if you adhere a light weight fusible web to the wrong side first. After cutting sufficient strips, start laying them out on the background in one direction.

strips in one direction

Add the first strip in the opposite direction - I started in the middle - and weave it in and out of the first strips.

weave in the first strip

Now add another strip, weaving it opposite to the first - meaning, if the strip went over, then this time it will go under and vice versa. Here is what it looks like.

use the layout guide to place all strips evenly spaced

The strips can be finished off using blanket stitch like the rest of the applique for this pattern or you can edge stitch them through all layers so you are quilting your project as you go.

Give it a try, it's so easy really. This pattern is available as hardcopy or download here: Blooming Trellis


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  • A great way to simplify the trellis.

    Posted by Jen, 23/01/2013 6:36am (8 years ago)

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