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Six years ago last September I wrote a blog post on blogspot. I was amazed to find it still there even through I cannot get into the account and have not posted on there for many years. I did manage to copy the post and repost it here on my current blog site. This is the story of how Light Upon the Earth was created.

Light Upon the Earth

Quilt pattern: Calla Lily appliqué creation – the idea.

I am often asked how I come up with designs for quilt patterns, so I thought I would give you an example how I went about creating my Calla Lily quilt.

My designs usually start out by seeing something or being asked a question, in the case of the Calla Lily, I was asked, have you thought of making a Calla Lily quilt design? Actually, the answer was yes, I have already made a stained glass lily quilt but not as a pattern in my colour wash series. So I decided, why not and set about doing some research, soon to discover reasons for making such a quilt pattern.

I opened the encyclopedia to reveal that its real name is Zantedeschia (it’s a good thing I’m writing this, as there is no way I can say that). Common names include Arum Lily, Calla and Calla Lily (much easier to pronounce). And another useful piece of information I found was that it is erroneously spelled as Cala Lily.

Calla Lilies

I also know that the Calla Lily is often known as a Christmas Lily and has often been used in many paintings, one in particular being Georgia Okeeffe’s artwork.

So, upon collecting all this data, it now seemed like a great reason to turn the Calla Lily into a quilt. Since so many already enjoy this beautiful flower in many different ways, why not a quilt pattern? 

As it happened, last year when I was thinking about all this, I happened to be attending school to which I walked every day and I noticed along the entire length of a church that I passed, a garden of Calla Lilies coming into bloom. As the spring days turned into summer, I watched and observed these flowers opening day by day until I decided it was better remembered by capturing a snapshot on my camera (actually, it was more the fact that I kept forgetting to take my camera with me). After several weeks went by, and I realized school was coming to an end so I would no longer be taking this path, I finally snapped these amazing flowers for life time memories to use in my quilt designs.

You can see a couple of my snap shots here in my post.

So, with all these points of interest, photos and Christmas time looming, I set to and began drawing the design. The ‘idea’ is only a small part of the creation process but sometimes it takes a while to develop an idea. As you can see, several weeks turned into almost a year before this was made into a design and published pattern.

I chalked this design up to another one listed in my color wash series. You can find this and other flowers I've made in the color wash series here: Applique patterns.

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