Wild Flowers

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Wild Flowers quilt made by Ruth BlanchetHave you ever laid in a grass field and looked through the weeds and wild flowers? This was what I was doing when I created my quilt "Wild Flowers". Well not technically, but I was reminiscing about doing just that as I created this quilt.

This quilt is solely made up of Hoffman Fabric Bali water colors. They have such an enormous color range that I could make a whole bed size quilt and never have to repeat a square. For this particular design, I used their Bali Cracker packs (10" squares) so that I had a lot of variation without the yardage. Actually, 10" was more than enough. I could have easily increased the size or made a long banner type style of quilt, and still had enough fabrics.

Hoffman Fabrics Bali Crackers 

The background of this quilt is made up of 2-1/2" squares. I positioned them in a color water effect so the light fabrics are towards the center. 

wild flowers closeup of light area in background

... and I used my favorite free-motion stitching to stitch down the applique and quilt it.

wild flowers stitching

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