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Recently Jennifer Leslie shared a photo of a quilt she made after attending my Poppin Poppies online class at the Academy of Quilting. She used the techniques learned to create a beautiful autumn quilt called "When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall". Can you see the three-dimensional leaves?

When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall by Jennifer Leslie

In my three dimenional class you learn about satin stitch - how to get it right! You make dimensional petals and leaves which you could apply to any quilt, just like Jennifer did and you put it all together to create a realistic flowering indoor plant which doesn't need a drop of water - well maybe a spray of mist every so often so it keeps looking fresh and real.

How did I make this leaf curl and create character? I'll show you in class.

curly leaf

Here is my home grown poppy plant that will flower all year long with little to no watering - I'm much more successful at growning these than the living kind!

Poppy wall hanging

Join me in Poppin Poppies to create your own dimentional poppy - look for my reduced price on this class today!


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