A Different Approach on Purse Designing

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bag decorative stitchDo you have a similar problem? My new leather wallet and my glasses case don't fit in my favorite purse that's great for walking. Another purse is too large and the straps are too short. Another is short of pockets and yet another is lacking design style. I'd love to have a whole wardrobe of beautiful purses, but...

Then I met Lily and heard about her class "Designing Your Perfect Purse". This was my answer.

Lily's class most likely has the answer for you too. She'll help you design your perfect purse with all the elements to organize your stuff and be stylish too. You'll have a lot of fun listening to her experiences.

But Wait!

Lily just came to me with a new idea...

"I just realized something a couple days ago.  DUH!  Figuring out what you need and making a purse that fits those needs is what this class is about.  I was studying some new purse organizers and it dawned on me that one could make this basic purse with a generic outside and make a whole set of covers to fit!  If that makes more sense to you than making an organizer to fit your purse, then feel free to make the perfect organizer and covers to go with it. There is always another way a project could be done!"

Now that makes a whole lot of sense to me, how about you? I know just what I need to take with me whenever I go somewhere, be it a walk or out to a meeting or out for the evening or day. I could really get things organized with a pull apart organizer first, and then make a bunch of stylish purses (covers) that fits everything I need. I love it.

Join Lily in Designing Your Perfect Purse...

Here are some images from past students.

Birgit Perfect Purse

Birgit's designer purse


Karen made this purse

Maureen Sparrow bag

Maureen Sparrow's bag


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