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Over the weekend, I updated the Academy of Quilting website ( It needed doing badly and really it is easy with the content management system I have installed. It's no harder than writing a blog post to be honest. About here, I really should tell you what the Academy of Quilting is. It's an online facility where you can learn to quilt based on patterns published at Arbee Designs. You could call it our sister website.

Academy of Quilting homepage

The website automatically generates some things like the images across the top with classes that are open for registration. These are generated by the dates I set for each class. The student comment under the calendar is also automatically generated. Comments are pulled out at random so each time the page is open, a different or sometimes the same, comment is posted.

Automatically generated info

You cannot see the banner above in these images but it does include the links: Home; Classes; Galleria; Faculty; Free Lessons; Student Forum; About Us; Contact Us; FAQ; and if you are registered My Academy.

So all that is left for me to do is update the calendar (I'm really thinking of keeping this as a permanent feature so it could also be automatically updated) and the text under "Welcome to the Academy of Quilting."

In this area I feature new classes and other important information. With this update I am presenting Anita's first class at the Academy "Entwined Star Online". 

I made an image for the presentation from some of the blocks she made for the class and added the following text:

"A brand new class "Entwined Star Online" is now available for registration. The online class is based on the popular pattern Entwined Star by Anita Eaton. Class includes plain or star sashing, options for borders, multiple sizes and various quilting options and templates. Join early as there is limited space for the March session. read more >>"

Perhaps you'll join her.

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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