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I am really fond of celtic work, in fact I taught a class on this at the New Zealand symposium several years ago and had lots of fun. Last year I even put out a new design with celtic on it, but all my work is done by machine. Nancy Chong teaches celtic too. She takes a different approach of hand stitching her celtic which is much more relaxing and portable - perfect assets.

I asked Nancy how she got started in developing celtic designs.

"My first quilt was a queen-sized Hawaiian quilt, and I immediately fell in love with hand applique (even though I had never finished anything at all if it took longer than a day). Once I learned that hand applique was fun and portable, I decided that I was going to make a double-bed quilt using a Celtic knotwork design attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. I reinvented a much easier way of making bias tape, and I was hooked almost immediately."

One of Nancy's designs called "Galway".
This can be purchased from her website.

"Over the course of years, I have never completed that first da Vinci project, but I have learned to love Celtic knotwork hand applique, and I love to see my student's smile when they too discover how easy, relaxing, and portable it is. (I can't promise that it will be fast, but if you love doing it, it will be completed sooner than you want.)"

This is the design you make in Nancy's class at the Academy of Quilting.

Stress-free Celtic Knot

Celtic Knot runner on white

Now you can learn Nancy's stress-free methods and discover how easy it is to make this tablerunner. You will be amazed at how quickly it is finished.

She says: "I hope to see you in the upcoming Celtic Knot Table Runner class, starting this Friday! Cead Mille Fáilte"

Cead Mille Fáilte, an authentic Irish greeting meaning "One Hundred Thousand Welcomes".

If you would like more information about Nancy's stress-free celtic class, please visit the Academy: Celtic Knot Table Runner

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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