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Posted by Ruth on 22 November 2014 | 1 Comments
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carry all bagChanging things up? I love refreshing the way I present my classes either with new technology or by adding opinions and changes. I consider this to be developing myself and enhancing my teaching and design skills. I love to learn so this is my opportunity to learn and what is better than learning? Teaching what I know to my students in the best way I know how - thus developing myself so my students can also develop.

So I'm sure you are wondering what all this means. Well, it means I'm now changing some of my classes from "Scheduled" format to "On-demand" format. One such class is "Tote That Mat" which I've had running at Quilt University previously, and then this year at the Academy of Quilting on a Scheduled format. As of now however, I've opened it up as on-demand. This means you get to start immediately (well give us a little time to process your registration) but you don't have to wait for a certain date to begin. You start within just hours, sometimes minutes of registering.

So more about my "Tote That Mat" class. This class was developed around my very popular pattern "Carry All Board Bag". The design is a quilter's tote that will carry your equipment to class or a day's quilting with your friends or guild. The reason I made it in the first place was so that I could keep all my equipment together, carrying it together in one tote and know I had whatever was required for class, either as a student or teacher. It is ideal because it holds the standard cutting board (don't need to mess around with those itty bitty boards) and some of those large rulers including a 15" square so I knew no matter what class I was in, I was equipped. Here's how it looks inside - you can see my cutting mat (green) inside the large mat pocket:

Inside look at this quilter's tote

I have since developed this tote inside to add extra pockets along side the Amsterdam Star block where you see the pansy fabric (pocket fabric). The other line extending from the pocket fabric label points toward my long 24" ruler pocket that has a tab to close it and ensure the ruler doesn't escape.

The tote has two different blocks but in class I give four blocks - two for beginners and two for advanced quilters - and recently I added a fifth option. Often a student will make all blocks as I also provide a cushion pattern so whichever blocks are not used in the tote can be made into cushions (ideal gifts especially at this time of year) ...Oh, I should mention here, I have instructions to use your own blocks too, just in case you have some spares from another project you want to make use of.

So this class is now on-demand which I think is ideal for a busy life-style and we all know how busy quilters are, so now students can begin when the time is right for them. If you have a weekend free, you can put this tote together in that time (with blocks made prior - although with extended hours, I manage to do that in the same weekend too).

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  • I am glad to see you going with "on demand" classes. Sometimes life gets in the way and I was not able to finish my pineapple class - therefore money wasted. I am more apt to take on demand classes from now on.

    Posted by Lee Sedam, 27/11/2014 12:16pm (7 years ago)

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