Christmas Poinsettia Review

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Every week seems to fly by, one faster than the next. I know Christmas will soon be here and do you think I'll have my Christmas sewing done? Probably not. Will you? I am not sure, but I do know a few who have a head start. 

I would be talking about some of my students who have recently participated in my Christmas Poinsettia stained glass class. This project is fun and quick if you use pre-made bias tape, but in my class you also get to discover how to make your own.

Jennifer finished her project.

Jennifer's Poinsettia

Debbie asked "why is there places on my bias that has lost the fusible?". I asked her if she was using the mini iron and if it was perhaps too hot. She was using the mini iron and discovered it had a heat setting so she lowered it. Now she could continue on sucessfully with no more problem.

Debbie's Poinsettia - close to finished

Karen also submitted her poinsettia and is now ready to begin a more advanced project Scarlet Rose

Karen's Poinsettia - almost completed

They all look wonderful. Well done ladies!

My next stained glass poinsettia class starts soon, 19th of September in fact. Perhaps you'll join me and get your first Christmas project completed early. Poinsettia Class Details >>

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