Christmas Tree Skirt part 2

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Last weekend I started a new tree skirt for my Christmas tree. Did you see it? Tree Skirt started...

During the week I finished cutting out all the letters and adhered them around the edge.

I also made some templates to add to the class - three different designs actually.

Now it is time to stitch, but first I need to decide what thread to use. I have pulled out four that would be suitable: variegated (right), cotton (middle) and two rayons (left)

I don't particularly care for the variegated when my fabric is solid and because I'm using the lame for the applique which is shiny, I'm thinking one of the rayons would be a better choice. I have decided to use the darker thread as it blends with the lame better.

If you are using spciality threads of any kind, check out Linda Schmidt's tutorial for this posted at the Academy of Quilting.

I layered my tree skirt before starting. This helps the stitching stay smooth and even and there is less need for a stabilizer. I have also decided to use a blanket stitch to attach each letter. (instructions for blanket stitch are included in my free online class at the Academy)

I used a wider stitch than I normally do because of the lame and how easily it can fray. Now it is time to get back to the sewing machine to continue.

PS Class has just begun and registration is still open for those of you who want to join me in this fun project: Class Registration

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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