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My class "Decorate Your Christmas Tree" is about to start, next week in fact. It is all about making a Tree Skirt for your Christmas tree and as I was reading it through, I got inspired to make a new tree skirt. Although the poinsettias look very elegant...

I wanted to make something that was a little less detailed.

In this class you can use applique


and Holly

or patchwork blocks ... I included applique snowflakes with my pieced blocks but you can use snowflakes as above too or patchwork blocks on their own.

Pieced Stars and applique snowflakes

or just leave the tree skirt plain

Plain tree skirt

..... so lots of opinions.

For my new tree skirt I decided to make it plain and then add the words Merry Christmas around the outside edge. First I selected possible fabrics to use. Any color will work and you really don't need to have a Christmas print either, although that is what I selected.


Then I found this red Christmas print that went really well with a white on white that I had. I thought that would look great. The print has small white snowflakes on it.

Red and White for Christmas

For the lettering I wanted to use a red lame so that it had a nice shine.

Red Lame

My only problem with that was my only red lame didn't go so well with the red print. It was a little too dark so I chose another red print which worked better.

A different red print

Of course, I could have selected a different letter fabric instead. Some other choices are red cotton lame (left), cotton fabrics with gold highlights and some fairy frost fabrics (two on the right). These all have some sort of shiny appearance too.

Other lettering choices

I decided to stay with the red lame and my second choice print.

I made the tree skirt base and then made a start on the lettering. First I tested the lame as I knew I needed to take special care when ironing it. Always test your iron to be sure it isn't too hot otherwise the lame will melt. 

The tree skirt is pieced and some letters ready

I've cut out the first few letters to get started. Now I'm thinking this will be a great addition to the class so I'd better make some templates to include before class starts next Thursday. Perhaps you'll join me Decorate Your Christmas Tree Registration.

Check back later in the week to see how I get on with stitching the lame. Could be tricky!

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