Daphne's Paper Piecing Paradise

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Prior to talking to Daphne recently about her class Paper Pieced Paradise, I hadn't realized that she will help you rearrange the blocks used to create your own setting. She even provides the Electric Quilt (EQ) files so you can do this. I decided to play around. What fun!

First I created a scene in landscape view rather than portrait which is how Daphne did hers. I made the geese fly in between the stars and call it "Flying High".

Next I made a larger piece and included a lake in the middle of my scene. My Flying Geese make the border. I added a little spacer border in plain as well.

Then I changed the color of my spacer border just to see how it looked.

Playing with colored borders, just for fun, I made the Flying Geese using the colors of the stars on the lower half and colors of the flowers in the upper half, alternating with green all around. It certainly is more colorful, but not sure I'd make it this way.

Now by learning all the techniques in Daphne's class "Paper Pieced Paradise", I can put this together with ease. I'm already thinking how I'll quilt this.

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