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Elizabeth Barton has some really wonderful online classes that are packed full of information. One such class is Dyeing to Design which begins soon and continues over 5 lessons.

I asked Elizabeth what inspired her to make this class.

Elizabeth said:

"I devised Dyeing to Design after taking several surface design classes myself, making beautiful fabric and then not knowing what to do with it! None of the teachers ever seemed to talk about how you could use this, often very distinctive, fabric."

That's a perfect reason! I think it is fabulous how teachers learn too and then develop what they learn with experimenting and filling in the gaps that may be missing. There is much more than surface design in Elizabeth's class as you will see. She goes on to say:

"I also wanted to link the class to the five elements we use in two dimensional design, namely line, shape, value, color and texture. So each week we look at a different element and how to create that on fabric using dye in the simplest and safest way possible."

"I thought it would be really fun to introduce students to a wide variety of different ways of coloring and marking fabric - one different way each week. Then each week suggest what kind of design might work well with that fabric, help them create a few designs and evaluate them and make them."

What a great concept and a fun packed class of much learning. I have to admit, after reading the first few paragraphs in lesson one, I already learned things I didn't know about dyeing. I never knew you could store the mixed dyes for later use. That has to be a huge saving!

If you want to read more about Elizabeth's class, you can find information here: Dyeing To Design.

Elizabeth sums it all up with:

"5 elements, 5 weeks, 5 designs, 5 dye techniques and 5 quilts!"

Endless City by Elizabeth Barton

About Elizabeth Barton: Her quilts have been included in national quilt shows including Quilt National (1995, 1999, 2007, 2009 and 2013), Visions (1996, 1998, 2000, 2006), AQE and Expressions, as well as several all media art shows. They are in both private and public collections, including the Atlanta Airport.


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