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shirley teacher Wrapped star2 quiltElectric Quilt is the industry’s best quilt design software, but that doesn’t mean it is hard to use.  Design your own quilts and blocks, audition fabrics, layouts and colors without even having to cut into your stash.  Print out patterns, and let EQ7 work out fabric yardage too.  EQ7 does all the hard work in the background while you get to have all the fun.  

Shirley Goodwin's class EQ7 - beginner's patchwork starts tomorrow (Friday) and she shows you all the basic ins and outs of the program when it comes to patchwork. It's a great place to start to get familiar with the program... and because her past students are looking for the next step, she is currently working on the next beginner's course - EQ7 - beginner's applique.... more about that later!

Her class starting tomorrow covers all the basics of patchwork blocks, with screenshots and videos that you can save and refer to anytime.  You get to see exactly what the tutor is doing so you don't get lost - plus your tutor is available in the classroom to answer any questions and problems that might arise.  You don't want to miss this first class in the series. To find out more visit: EQ7 - beginner's patchwork

Bonus! Shirley also gives guidance on color and includes a mini lesson about color co-ordinations.

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