Elements in Fabric by Linda Schmidt

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Ever wondered how to make the elements - earth, wind, fire and water - in textiles appear as if they leap off the surface? Linda Schmidt's class "Elements in Fabric" will show you how. In this class, you will gain a greater understanding of design principles using the many techniques and products available to us today.

Elements in Fabric

I asked Linda how she get started with such a class.

Several years ago, I joined the QuiltArt online group, and learned about the ongoing Journals Quilt project. It seemed like a fine idea, making a “Page From My Book” quiltlet once a month, really sort of a journal page about what was happening in your life that month, then sending them on to the Houston International Quilt Show along with the stories for each one.

Well, it was great fun, but after a few months I had run out of ideas until I hit on the notion of making the Elements – Earth, Wind, Fire and Water as realistically as possible, which gave me an almost unlimited source for ideas. How DO you make clouds? Crashing water? Sandy beaches? Trees and leaves? Realistic rocks? And isn’t there some new, cool, way to do it besides the old tried and true methods? I experimented and played around and came up with some techniques that really, really work and are fun to do, besides! That was the basis for this class, and this information is very valuable if you even have an inkling you might one day make a quilt from one of your undoubtedly myriad collection of landscape photos.

Linda explores all sorts of media in her class such as fabric paints, painted melted cellophane, sheer fabrics and melted fibers not to mention sheer fabrics, Angelina fibers, Tintzl and much more. Today she included one of her short videos to share with you. She is adding Lutradur leaves to a Puff Paint tree.


I can see this class is a lot of fun with all the various techniques. If you want to join her, the class begins 10th January: Elements in Fabric.

Linda still uses some elements of traditional quilting in her quilt making, but most of her work involves wearable art and landscapes, particularly changing photographs into fabric art. Check out Linda's journal quilts posted on her website. Before you start, be sure to grab your favorite beverage to enjoy while you travel through her collection of quilts full of inspiration and bewilderment. Linda's Journal Quilts.

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