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If you have been to visit the Academy of Quilting website in the past 24 hours you will see what I'm excited about - our new concept of on-demand classes. But that's not all, as an introduction to an alternative way in learning I'm offering four of my own classes at half price. Yes, you heard right, half price. I do have to say though, this is for a limited time only, yet you are not bound to the limitations of a scheduled class, you can begin whenever you like as you wish, now or in the new year or whenever.

How do our On-Demand classes differ from our Traditional set-date classes?

Our On-Demand classes do not have a teacher-lead forum however, at the end of each lesson you will find a comments area where you can ask a question about the lesson, make a comment or simply say hello. You still get to see what other students have asked and you can introduce yourself on the welcome page under the teacher's welcome too. These classes have no restricted time, no start time, no end time. You can have access for as long as you need.

Which classes are now available as On-demand classes?

I have listed the four classes we have scheduled for on-demand below, I hope one class from my selection is just what you are looking for. I tried to select a variety in patchwork, applique, bargello and design. If not, then maybe you'll share this page with your friends so they can take advantage of this one time offer. My goal is to spread the word. Also, be sure to look for more on-demand classes coming soon. These will be announced in our Academy of Quilting newsletter. Signup today so you don't miss out.

Classes Now available On-Demand:

Layered Machine Applique: Traditional appliqué begins with a background fabric and adds shapes to the surface to create a design. The background is cut away beneath the shapes to give you a smooth surface. Ruth throws that idea out the window in this modern approach to creating fabric pictures. You will learn to add layers on top of each other, trimming some away to create the illusion of depth and leaving others to promote dimensionality. Read more...

Pacific Aquarium: This is a four lesson class suitable for all levels. The background was made using basic Bargello techniques. Applique, embroidery and quilting are applied to the background making up the underwater 3-D scene. It is a fun class with lots of different techniques to try and experiment with. This is a great design for the creative student to add his/her personal touch with the addition of other ocean occupants. Read more...

Quilt the Zodiac: This quilting class gives you all the zodiac signs in applique patterns. You can make just one or the full set. Instructions include various layouts for quilts, any amount of blocks to make a family quilt of zodiac signs. Projects for individual signs are also include such as cushions and totes. This is a fun quilting class, where you learn three different techniques of applique and many options of quilting. Read more...

Tote That Mat: Do you lug that awkward cutting mat around on a day out quilting, either to a class or with a friend? There was always a need to make many trips back and forth to the car or worse, you left something behind that you needed for the day. A Quilters tote is what you need. This tote is designed with many pockets, two large patch pockets, one used for your mat and the other for you large 15” square. It also includes a long pocket for your 24” x 6” ruler and a series of small pockets for rotary cutters, pins, needles, scissors, thread and much more. You can adjust some of the pockets too. Read more...

Happy Quilting!

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