How do you Display Your Quilts

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What do you do with your quilts? How do you present them and display them for everyone to enjoy? I hope they are not stuck away in a chest or closet. I have to admit, some of mine are and I need to find ways to better display them so they can be enjoyed by all. 

Susan Dorchester offers some really interesting ways on how to showcase your quilts in her class "Display Your Quilts" as you can see in the photos below. She has many other ideas of how to successfully hang and display your quilts too. 

Cabinet Display

This class will help you to decide how to display your quilts. There are suggestions for all sizes of quilts and even unusual shaped quilts. Susan will also discuss how to display quilts using an artist canvas, this seems to be quite the quilting trend of today. But it doesn't stop there, her class also includes information on caring for your quilts, a must for all, especially after all the hard work you have put into making them.

Mini Quilt Display

This class offers several ideas for you to try with detailed instructions and photos in each lesson so you can select the right option for you. "Display Your Quilts" starts Friday 11th April, so I hope you'll join Susan. Sharing your ideas and photos is just part of the fun in class, displaying your quilts well for everyone to enjoy is even more fun because you get to share them with friends and family too. See you in class!

You can find out more about "Display Your Quilts" at the Academy of Quilting. 


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