How Many Variations can one simple block make?

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I designed a block a number of years ago - I was working with 2 1/2" strips and would you believe the first quilt I made up using a pre-cut strip of fabrics I didn't like, but when put together using just four colored strips for each block, the design worked wonderfully and "Twisted Ribbons" was born.




I played around with the same block making variations and "Time Square" came to light. It really is so different than Twisted Ribbons, but the original block is made exactly the same.




Then I took a combination of both the above designs to come up with this quilt. About this time, I realized there were so many variations I needed to put this into a class to teach the technique and have students come out with new possibilities.


Of course, while making the class I had to create videos showing the technique thus yet another quilt was born. This time "Keystone".

So here you have four variations - there are more, many more.

In fact, with one simple tweak to the block, a different effect is created. Although this design named "Ribbon-fest" is not in the class, it is a popular pattern, and can lead to a whole new set of variations.

ribbon fest

So, what exactly is in the class? This fun patchwork class is designed for beginner to advanced quilters alike. No precise 1/4" seam are required for the block construction and cutting does not have to be accurate until the end when you square up the blocks to piece together. I include lots of tips with easy piecing instructions and video support so you can learn the technique with ease. Multiple sizes are also included with the opinion of a single background or alternating block background effect. Trust me, you cannot go wrong, even if you cut a crooked strip! Hope you'll join me. For more details: Patchwork with a Twist

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