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Do you consider yourself a quilter or a designer - perhaps both? It is fun to make someone's pattern, but it is even more fun to design and create one of your own. Something personal, or unique to you. The big question is, where do you start? The simple answer is "inspiration". If you think about it, we are all inspired by something no matter what we do, but we know that it takes more than only inspiration to get a finished quilt. 

As our Academy of Quilting slogan says "Creativity is already within you, let us help you express it", well Elizabeth Barton does just that in her class "Inspired to Design". I asked her to tell us a little bit about it.

"I'm often "Inspired to Design" by memories or personal events. Of these four pieces, which were all about 30" square, one was a memory of a group of cottages seen on holiday in Wales. The other three were based on my daily life...working on the sewing machine, lunch on the deck with a crossword and an evening glass of wine by the fire!

In my class Inspired to Design, I'll show you how to take your photographs of memorable places or moments and turn them into stunning quilts. Do join me on February 7th! Thank you!"

Elizabeth certainly knows how to use color and contrast as you can see in her beautiful quilts above. You can learn how too along with her techniques of simplified layered applique. Inspired? Need to know more?... or just want to join Elizabeth in this fantastic class? Meet us at the Academy of Quilting

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