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Journal quilts are usually a series of small quilts derived around a topic or theme or life experience or exploration of anything at all. Lily Kerns has a class starting this week Journal Quilts that gets you started on your first journal quilts or helps you progress if you have already begun the journey. I asked Lily how she got started.

Silence journal quilt

"When journal quilts were first  mentioned on the quilt art list, I was intrigued and signed up.  In the meantime my husband entered a nursing home because of his Parkinson's Disease, I was trying to deal with income tax and I just gave up on the project.  One day four months later I was playing with some intriguing batik in which I was seeing flower shapes (and my sister was seeing animals.)

Then suddenly I saw some other flowered fabric and the theme for my quilts was born.  I made the first four in  two or three hours and I finished the series each month after that.  They ended up chronicling the last nine months of my husband's life.  That was not what I had planned, but that's what happened.

Journal quilts can be fun, exciting, revealing, even healing as mine were.  Whatever they become, they are worth the bit of time and materials required."   - Lily Kerns

Nancy Chong had the pleasure to taking Lily's class the last session and tells us of her journey. The quilt to the right is her first journal quilt.

"I am exploring non-verbal communication as inspiration for my journal quilts.  This is the first one I created, during Lily's journal quilt class.  This quilt depicts the word 'silence', written in braille.  I don't believe in other people telling me what size my journal quilts will be, so this measures 7" x 40". For this quilt I used cotton organdy as the background, hand-dyed embroidery thread and I hand appliqued the blue commercial cotton fabric."  - Nancy Chong

Silence journal quilt closeup

Close up of Nancy's journal quilt

Awesome Nancy, thanks so much for sharing with us.

I know how quilting can be wonderful therapy when going through our tribulations of life. We don't always have time to make a full scale quilt so making journal quilts could certainly be a way to continue to enjoy and then look back on. But even more so, they can be a lead up to something bigger or learning a technique, exploring an idea or maybe a single word - visual, mental or otherwise. Wow an imagination can take you far. I am sure Lily will expand your imagination way beyond where you thought you might go. I hope you will join her for this very exciting class - Journal Quilts - to begin your journey.

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