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This year, 2011 marks my 10th anniversary of online teaching. I totally love teaching online as I get to meet so many wonderful quilters from all over the world. Man, I just cannot believe how fast 10 years has gone. I discovered Quilt University after talking to a teaching colleague in late 2000. She mentioned teaching online and I was fascinated. I asked her for further details and she put me onto Quilt University which is run by Carol Miller. I contacted Carol and asked her if she would be interested in any of my designs which I had on my website. At roughly the same time I was publishing my first few quilt patterns. Wow that seems so long ago now. 

Carol looked at my designs and was very interested in several as they were different to anything she already had. At this time, Quilt University was relatively new itself. It only started earlier that year. Anyway, Carol worked with me to get me started and I submitted my first online class "Poppin Poppies". It was 4 lessons long and included several options for coloring, backgrounds and quilting. I was very nervous wondering how well it would be accepted. At $36 a student, I thought if I had 10 students I'd be very happy. As it happened I ended up with over 20 so I was ecstatic. The class went very well and I promptly began writing my next class.

Poppin Poppies    Poppin Poppies

"Poppin Poppies"

Each class got better, but the best one I wrote was Bargello Seasons which is still extremely popular today. I began writing it in 2003 (a lot of writing goes into these classes and I could only describe them as to writing a book). It was first scheduled to begin on 10th March 2004. Two weeks before it was due to begin, Carol emailed me to say enrollment had reached 80 students. When registration reaches this (this has been reduced since) registration closes and a new session is scheduled to follow. Since Carol knew of my capabilities, dedication and financial strain at the time, she asked me if I wished to leave it open. I told her yes, I can handle it. Registration for that class reached 102 students. It took a good part of each day, 7 days a week for the next 10 weeks to keep up with the demand of my students.

bargello seasons

"Bargello Seasons"

10 years later I have now written 20 online classes. I average 2 each year. I have since opened my own online class facility called the Academy of Quilting where I run several new classes and older classes that I no longer offer at Quilt University. My very latest class is called "Still Life" and a technique I truly love to pursue as well as teach. My dream is to one day have my own physical gallery to show and sell this type of artwork.

Still Life Pears  Still Life vase Still Life apple

"Still Life Projects"

As a special celebration of my 10 year teaching anniversary, I'm going to reduce every class at the Academy of Quilting by 25-30%. You can only make this special purchase here on this blog page and it will only last until I decided to take it down again, so you'd better get in fast before that happens, and bring a friend along too. In addition, everyone who signs up with our blog special goes into a drawing to win a free class. Yes that's right, buy at the discounted class rate and go into the drawing for a second class free.  

Click on any to find out more information but remember to return to this page to make your purchase.

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  • Congratulations. I loved taking your bargello classes. I'm not surprised to hear the amount of work in writing the classes. It's something I would love to do, but at the moment I just don't have the time. Good luck for the future.

    Posted by Ferret, 21/01/2011 3:37pm (10 years ago)

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