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People in Places class is starting up very soon, and all are welcome! To me, the best quilts are those that are the Impressionist quilts - the quilts that depict one crystallized moment in time - whatever the subject may be, whether it's your cat jumping at a canary, your son skipping rocks, or even your daughter in an outrageous hat shop with that gleam in her eye. Come play with us and learn to make people in places, working through a couple of small projects, then continuing on to creating your own photo in fabric. If you can trace, you can do this class!

The Hat Shop

The faces of the lady in the back and my daughter were painted, the flowers on the hats are silk flowers, the ribbons flow free, and I made my daughter's sweater and her hair on my felting machine (Embellisher). What fun it was to make all of those hats - be sure to look at the tiny tiny hats reflected in the mirror behind the strange lady in the pink hat!

 Linda Schmidt

About People In Places: It is the people and the places in our lives that we remember - your daughter's first glimpse of the sea, the time your son tried to fly, the glimpse of a wolf in the woods. Linda will help you translate those photos and memories into thread and fabric, learning a variety of new techniques along the way. You will start out easy, using the teacher's pattern to make a miniature seascape as you learn five different construction techniques and how to give a scene depth and dimension. Then you will make people, starting with a small dancing maiden dressed in silk ribbons with flowing thread hair, and working up to using your own photographs or sketches to create the people and places that live in your memory or in your imagination. Read more....


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  • Love the hat!

    Posted by Sandy, 24/10/2014 5:20pm (7 years ago)

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