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Posted by Ruth on 11 February 2014 | 2 Comments
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Entwined Star online class begins this week again. This is a popular class that shouldn't be missed. In the last session, Thelma made the design twice, one using a dark background and the other a light. How different they look.

Thelma's quilt with dark background

Thelma's quilt with light background

I asked Anita how she came about creating this wonderful design.

The Entwined Star Quilt came about as the result of experimenting with an Ohio Star block. I rearranged pieces, then started joining pieces into single units and dividing them into other units. One set of units came out like a Twin Star, and I divided the large star point. Next I added a square in a square center.

I kept playing with the darks and lights until I came up with Entwined Star. Rearranging the darks and lights or using a dark center are also striking variations. 

Ultimately, I came up with what I called an Entwined Star because of the way the colors move around the star.


This design is suitable to use with almost any fabrics. Blocks can be made using batiks...

Julie Haase, another student made multi-colored blocks...

Julie's multi-colored blocks

and Anita made them using 30's fabrics...

30's fabrics

You could even make a wonderful Christmas quilt or holiday quilt in this design. Maybe someone will do this in the next session - maybe you?

Join Anita and others in Entwined Stars this week, you'll be happy you did.

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  • Dawn you can find it here:

    Posted by Ruth, 24/02/2016 8:27am (6 years ago)

  • would love the pattern of this star quilt

    Posted by dawn easthorpe, 24/02/2016 3:47am (6 years ago)

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