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The term Stained Glass generally refers to glass that has been colored by adding metallic salts during its manufacture then joined with black leading to form beautiful glass work. Throughout its thousand-year history, stained glass was applied almost exclusively to windows of churches, cathedrals and other significant buildings. 

Today the term Stained Glass is also used in textiles. The glass is exchanged for brightly colored fabric and the leading for black bias binding. That is what my Scarlet Rose class is all about. It is a fun technique which can really look superb.

Let's take a look inside the class.

Even though this class is an advanced stained glass class you'll find tips on fabric such as "The black leading will dull insipid and muted tones but play nicely with bright colors."

I include tips on which leading (bias binding) to use and explain the difference between the two choices - the good and the bad so you can make the right decision for you. You can make you own or purchase ready-made bias. 

If you select to make your own, I have two options to choose from with video clips to show exactly how it is done.

Did you know that I give the templates in two formats? Letter size for USA students and A4 for international students. This way you get the correct paper size to print on.

There are step-by-step instructions for placing the applique and bias pieces in the correct order with hints to watch for where possible errors occur.

For example: "Ensure the lower right leaf does not extend into the border. It should be just touching it"

....or: "When trimming be careful not to leave ends of fused bias on your project"

I have video footage showing exactly how to press the bias around a curve. That is just one of the many videos. 

I love the fact that the project looks almost complete before the stitching even begins.

Of course, I do include instructions, tips and video footage on how to stitch the project too.

I finish up by showing you several different methods of making a label for your quilt.

I hope you will join me and the other students already signed up for this class. For more information see: Scarlet Rose

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