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In the middle of last month I did a survey to help give me ideas on how to improve the Academy of Quilting. I found some interesting results.

Out of those who participated in the survey 42% had not taken a class in some time. Perhaps some changes to class format might be an encouragement for that 42% to join a class or two.

It was interesting to note that no beginner quilters filled out the survey. 50% considered themselves intermediate quilters, the remainder were split evenly between confident quilters and advanced quilters, 25% each.

Nearly twice as many participants preferred lifetime membership over one time session access only, however more than 50% didn't mind either way. Personally I would have thought lifetime membership would have been well over 50% alone.

78% wanted a mix of video, written text and photos in the class format. A small 10.7% wanted no videos and even less wanted all video classes. This was really a pleasing result as most of our classes have video support to show techniques and how-to processes. 

Nearly 65% would like class lessons to open at the beginning of class starting or have links so they can proceed without waiting. We are currently looking at ways to make that possible. To make this available, we may need a more structural forum.

Speaking of forums, it was interesting to discover that 25% of participates did not use the forum or only did if they had a question to ask. The forum often gives a lot more information as students ask questions that may not be covered in the lessons. That 25% are definitely missing out. How can we encourage them to at least read the discussions? Maybe you have an answer for this.

If you have not taken the survey yet, you still can. It is a quick easy survey that can help us give students the right learning enviroment. Take the Survey

Just to brighten up this page, I took a screen shot of the Academy home page and what it looks like. This changes each week as new classes open. 

I hope you'll visit soon!

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