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January Classes at the Academy

Posted by Ruth on 4 November 2013 | 0 Comments


Need some quilting inspiration? The class schedule for January is posted on the website. We have 24 classes listed to begin in January. Not only do we have many from Quilt U, a lot of which have been updated with videos and refreshed information, but we also have brand new classes beginning and several that have not been around in a while have come back.  Which one will you pick to start the new year? Maybe you'll pick two!

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10 years of online teaching

Posted by Ruth on 21 January 2011 | 1 Comments

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This year, 2011 marks my 10th anniversary of online teaching. I totally love teaching online as I get to meet so many wonderful quilters from all over the world. Man, I just cannot believe how fast 10 years has gone. I discovered Quilt University after talking to a teaching colleague in late 2000. She mentioned teaching online and I was fascinated. I asked her for further details and she put me onto Quilt University which is run by Carol Miller. I contacted Carol and asked her if she would be interested in any of my designs which I had on my website. At roughly the same time I was publishing my first few quilt patterns. Wow that seems so long ago now. 

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