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Ever made a quilt with just two fabrics? To tell you the truth, I never really thought about it until I saw Nancy Chong's class "Two Fabric Applique". I was totally amazed how fantastic these look. It just makes me want to grab two fabrics and work along too. I wonder what made Nancy think of this creative idea...

"I'd been making Hawaiian quilts for over 25 years, really enjoying their simplicity and symmetry--then all of a sudden I realized I had some asymmetrical designs floating around my brain. That was when the idea of "2 Fabric Applique Quilts" was born. Here is a photo of my very first design, and our (Pacific Rim Quilt Company's) first non-Hawaiian pattern."

The Herd of Turtles

"These quilts can be sewn by hand or machine, but since my specialty is hand applique, that is what this AofQ class is all about. Learn how easy it is to make a dynamic quilt with just two fabrics, one pattern that is easier to work with than you can imagine, and a whole bunch of fun. The Herd of Turtles quilt you see here finishes at 24"x36", while our three class designs are only 11"x17". I hope to "see" you in this class, to learn my techniques for needleturn applique, the least complicated way to do hand applique."  Nancy Chong

Nancy, this is such a clever idea! She sure has me inspired and I know she has lots of tips in class to make a wonderful two-fabric quilt, plus a choice of three designs (did you see the rose yet?).

Okay, I just had to go pull some fabrics... so tell me Nancy, would these two fabrics be suitable?

Or do I need something a little more dynamic like these?

Or maybe a softer approach like this, using the dark as the background?

Decisions, decisions, but I know Nancy will help me decide. See you in class for the answer! Two Fabric Applique

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