Waves and Waterfalls

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I enjoy making landscapes. I was doing a challenge with an artquilt group about 13 or more years ago when I made this scene of the West Coast of New Zealand. It was built up with just basic elements of varying weights of thread and yarn over applique. There are many more wonderful items and techniques on the market today that could be used and who better to explore them with than Linda Schmidt in her class Waves and Waterfalls.

Here she talks about the new creation she is making, which you can see in progress on her blog and I bet you'll be wanting to work in her class as you watch her piece take shape.

I love making falling water in all of its forms - crashing waves, waterfalls, and foaming rapids are just a few of my favorite things.  I got started doing this while I was involved in the ArtQuilt project, where you made one quilt a month for about 5 years, and started making the Elements in fabric-earth, wind, fire and water.  I developed a lot of techniques to make water come alive, to sparkle and shine and foam and MOVE.  I'm working on another one now, of Natural Bridges State Park, with an arch out in the ocean, waves blasting the rock, a small girl half buried in sand and a butterfly kite.  What could be more fun?  Pictures of the work in progress are on my blog, and I'll be posting more over the next few days....let's just hope it turns out, eh?

Linda's work in progress

So, hope to see you in class!   ....Linda

Here is one of Linda's beautiful finished beach scenes and you'll see a lot more in class, one more beautiful than the next.

Seychelle Seahorses

For more information about Linda's class see details here: Waves and Waterfalls

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