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Posted by Ruth on 10 February 2011 | 1 Comments

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Today I had to share a quilt from one of my students. Currently I have running my Bargello Seasons online class at Quilt University - this is always a popular class and it shows by the work that is created in it. Jo Dickson is just one student in my class this semister and is delighted to share her work with us all. Her Bargello in Spring (the first bargello of the series) is all complete and slightly different to the usual Spring Bargellos.

"I had the panel and just didn't know what to do with it and it fell out of the cupboard when looking for suitable border fabric for the bagello piece and I just couldn't resist using it, it just seemed to be meant for the project." says Jo.

Jo's Spring Bargello

Jo's Spring Bargello

Jo's Spring Bargello closeup

Close up of the center

"I found this panel of airing quilts and thought it was very appropriate for a Spring clean theme and it matched rather well so used the long strips on the front which made my quilt larger and used the other blocks on the back also using up the last of the bargello strips to frame the centre square"

bargello back

Back of quilt includes more of the panel

center back with bargello strips

Center panel in back with bargello strips

picture panel  picture panel

Smaller panels in the corners

picture panel  picture panel 

"I quilted the border with a very curly freehand feather design and did 4 circles of feathers on the panel area top and bottom."

feather stitch quilting

Feather quilting

"On the bargello section I freehand quilted with little butter flies , dragon flies and flowers and leaves all over it. It seems to be effective.

free motion quilting

Free-motion leaves and dragonfly

free motion quilting

Free-motion butterfly

"I also did an ivy vine freehand design in the sashings. I bound it with an old fashioned ticking fabric which seemed to lighten and give life to the whole quilt - it is now about 1.5 by 1.75 mts (55" x 65") a useful size."

Jo does this sort of quilting all the time and is known as Maidstondowns Quilting.

Thanks for sharing your story with us all Jo. I think it's so delightful and the panel worked so well. It certainly reminds me of spring. Great Job!

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  • I think this is lovely - an inspiration!

    Posted by Janet, 10/02/2011 2:09pm (9 years ago)

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