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Today I wanted to share with you some of my students quilts made in my online classes. I have chosen one class "Bargello Seasons" in which the students make four different quilts for the class. They are presented in seasons to give a different color palette for each quilt. Of course, the student isn't committed to use the colors I have if they choose not to. They can make the quilts in any color ways they prefer.

Lesson One: We start with Spring which is the easiest design in the class. This gets them started in bargello techniques. Here is a photo of Claudine's Spring Bargello. She added some 3-d applique flowers as an extra.

Claudine's Spring Bargello

Claudine's Spring Bargello

Lesson Two: Summer is the next quilt and it is made a little more difficult with all the matching seams and a change in the design line. Following is a quilt made by Beate Vetter. The warm colors definitely give a summer feel to the quilt.

Beate's Summer Bargello

Beate's Summer Bargello

Lesson Three: Autumn is our third lesson of the class. I introduce the students to fracture strips for this design. Christine Piepmeier made her quilt into this beautiful tote as an alternative to make the quilt.

Christine's Autumn Bargello

Christine's Autumn Bargello

   Beate's Autumn Bargello

Beate's Autumn Bargello was published
in a German magazine

Lesson Four: And lastly Winter Bargello. This last design is my favorite, probably because it is the most complicated. For this bargello design we repeat the design and reflect it, removing some of the fabrics as we go. What fun! Here is a photo of Virginia Smith's Winter Bargello.

Virginia's Winter Bargello

Virginia's Winter Bargello

This class is one of my favorite. It is starting this weekend for the first time this year. For further information about it please visit our website >> We know you're definitely have fun with this.

Happy Quilting!

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  • This past summer our family visited one of my husband's buddies from college. His wife is a professional quilter who showed me her designs and how she created them. This showcase reminds me of our trip!

    Posted by Amy Warden, 15/01/2011 11:26am (9 years ago)

  • Wow, simply amazing!! Most excellent results. You all have done a fantastic job :)

    Posted by Snerdey, 14/01/2011 10:57am (9 years ago)

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