13 way to find inspiration for quilt making - part 3

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Audio Inspiration is our next part in finding inspiration for quilt making. Be sure to read our previous posts

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Part 3: Audio Inspiration

8: Sounds of nature

Audio is probably the hardest form of inspiration to transfer into a quilt, but it is known to be used especially with a combination of other inspirations such as photos or nature. Listen for birds singing, a rooster crowing or rain falling onto a tin roof for inspiration. It might not make a full quilt, but used as elements within a quilt.


Rooster crowing

Rooster crowing - block from A Day in the Country

9: Music

Music playing also inspires one, often not so much in the quilt being created but rather in the creativity itself. It is known that some artists cannot work without their music playing in the background. I have a quilter friend who will only do free-motion quilting while listening to classical music and a daughter who is a graphic designer, that does her best work while the sound system is blasting.

Music creates emotions, which are recreated into art. Famous artists like Monet & Renoir painted their masterpiece using music as inspiration and Vincent Van Gogh, being mad, heard sounds in his head that inspired him to greatness.

We would like to hear if you have been inspired by music or audio. We would love to share your quilts with our audience too. Let's read about them in our comment list below.

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