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The Six Hour Quilt is a fun easy online workshop... but at the same time, it introduces the student to processes that can be used for any level of quilt making.Elizabeth Barton The Six Hour Quilt

In six hours, one lesson per hour we design, choose colors, cut out, assemble, quilt and finish a quilt of your own design... and any size.

Supplies are kept to a minimum - you should have everything already in your studio!

Here's an excerpt from the first hour:

In this first hour, we’re going to create a design for our quilt.

It’s a good idea to create more than one design so that you have some choice.

With more than one, you can choose between weaker and stronger ones….so I really recommend you try to come up with half a dozen different ideas if you can.

Give yourself the whole hour and don’t cut yourself short! After all, if you were planning a wedding (which only takes a few hours to actually execute), you’d probably spend weeks planning!

I’m going to describe 4 different ways to design a quilt top – now I’m sure there are very many more ways you can do this…so if you think of them…jot your ideas down and add them to your “artist’s toolbox”.

First I’ll show you a PowerPoint Presentation of the different ways, then I’ll give more detailed instructions and include some brief glimpses of students at work carrying out those ideas. Plus some still photographs.

Note: My PPPs are usually in French as well as English as I’ve had a number of Francophones in my online classes – now I can’t swear that the Frenchis perfect! – but I hope it will be helpful to the French speakers, and interesting to those who’ve learned French in the past and would like to revise it!

the six hour quilt bluebeards castle

Bluebeard's Castle by Elizabeth Barton

About The Six Hour Quilt Workshop: This is a good basic but also fun workshop for any student! All in six hours, you will design, select fabrics, cut and sew a quilt top.... then layer, quilt and finish it off.  You will also assess and evaluate as you go, making adjustments as necessary with Elizabeth's guidance and expertize. Level: For all quilters, particularly beginners and perfect for those who are short of time, but who love to make quilts. Plus! It involves working from your stash. No extras needed. Read more...


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