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Three unsuspecting friends got together with Elizabeth to learn how to make a small art quilt - in six hours! The class with multiple short videos shows how you can make a quilt without stressing out, without agony, without buying anything extra. It also covers basic planning and studio practice ideas that you'll be able to use over and over in other pieces e.g. quick design methods, easy ways to make good color choices, simplifying cutting and constructing, a simple facing method that you'll love to use over and over.

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This is a basic class.... but also fun for a student of any level… It’s perfect for those who are short of time…. all the fun, but little stress.

Furthermore, it is an excellent class for a teacher or a guild looking for a one day class idea since a typical quilt class day is six hours.

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About The Six Hour Quilt class with Elizabeth Barton: This is a good basic but also a fun class for any student! All in six hours, you will design, select fabrics, cut and sew a quilt top.... then layer, quilt and finish it off.  You will also assess and evaluate as you go, making adjustments as necessary with Elizabeth's guidance and expertize. Read more...


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