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Posted by Ruth on 16 June 2013 | 2 Comments
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I love making this easy mouthwatering dessert on special occasions. It is easy to make and can be prepared well in advance. You do need space in your fridge though.

I use canned fruit, jelly (jello) and spounge (spounge cake). To decorate I sometimes use a fresh strawberry or other berry and whipped cream. A slice of canned peach also works well or cherries.

Easy to make by following the instructions on the jelly packet, cutting the spounge into cube and the canned fruit into small pieces if they are large. Grape size is good.

Put enough chopped fruit and spounge to half fill the glass and then pour over the jelly. Add more fruit and spounge to just above the top of the glass and then pour more jelly over it.

Now it's time to let the jelly set.

Slice up some strawberries and top the dessert with whipped cream and a slice or two of the strawberries. Yummy!

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  • That looks delicious!

    Posted by Claudia W, 16/06/2013 11:18am (9 years ago)

  • excellent! think I"ll send this to Peter and Alison!

    Posted by Joan, 15/06/2013 9:14am (9 years ago)

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