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Posted by Ruth on 12 August 2012 | 0 Comments
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I've had a lapse in blog posts these past weeks due to a virus of some kind. It is nasty with a terrible tickle in the back of your throat causing you to cough a lot and one day you will feel like you are getting better, but the next day it hits you again. I hope to say, touch wood, that I am now over the worst of it and getting back on track.

So to brighten up my day, what better way than with a great breakfast. Comstock pie fillings make excellent pancake toppings. Their cherries are superb. I added some cottage cheese with the cherries on top, but cream would work well too if you like that. 

Pancake topped with cottage cheese and cherries

If you don't like cream or cottage cheese, just soak your pancakes in syrup and then top them with cherries. That makes a great breakfast too.

Pancake soaked in syrup and topped with cherries

Give it a try!

What's your favorite breakfast?

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