My Stitch Along for December Week One

Posted by Ruth on 6 December 2015 | 0 Comments
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Week One is always an easy week for my Stitch Along Challenge as it usually means just gathering supplies. I did just that along with planning a little for next week's rules which I have not finalize yet. I'd better hurry as time flies quickly!

I started with my stash and pulled out some light fabrics. I'll only need one of these, but I may test the others for color results to see how they work, that's why I didn't pick all white.

light colored fabric selection

I have fabric pens, Aquarelle pencils and sharpies I could use, but I also have these fabric paints to use too. And a little birdie told me some Paintstiks are on their way for Christmas, but I'm not sure they'll arrive in time for this challenge.

fabric paint selection

My huge array of colorful threads should suffice....

lots of cotton and rayon threads in many different colors

And I have many small beads that could be useful for this project. Here's just a few.

a bead selection in green, blue, purple and pink

I really do not have too many yarns, ribbons or cords for embellishing, so I'll probably just stick with what I have above. How about you? Did you collect some items to begin this month's challenge?

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