My Stitch Along for December Week Three

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I've had a lot of fun stitching today - free-motion is my favorite and it is fun deciding what design to use to fill in each section. I'm going in blind, meaning, I have no idea where I'm starting or what thread to use or design to create. I'll let it grow as I work and make those decisions along the way, you know how they say "let the quilt talk to you", that's exactly what I'm doing.

The first obvious thing I need to do before starting is to layer the block with batting and backing. I made these quite a bit bigger because I still have plans to add a small colored border.

top layered with batting and backing

Let's begin the stitching, I need to make a decision where to start. Seeing as blue is my favorite color, how about there. I found two possible threads to add to the blue sections. One is almost an exact match, the other is a little brighter.

two blue threads for thread painting

I'm going with the brighter thread to make the colors really pop out. I always like to outline the section before filling it in so that's where I thread outlining section to fill

And because this section is long and skinny, I will bounce from one side to the other going along the entire length and then back again. This has formed a diamond shaped pattern.

blue thread filling section with diamond design

Next I should really deal with those large purple sections that form the star. It is really better to work your way out from the center while quilting so any puckering moves outwards rather than be trapped in the middle. I found two purple threads that would work perfectly.two purple threads for the two purple sections

I started with the dark purple and stitched pebbles (that's tiny rounds) to fill in the dark purple section. 

pebble stitching for dark purple thread

Notice it did pucker a little, but more stitching will cure that.pebble stitching caused some puckering

For the light purple, I wanted to make the stitching very dense to cover much of the paint. Although it was an improvement from the pinkish tone, it is still my least favorite section so I can use the thread to enhance it. I stitched up the center to divide the area in half and then fanned straight lines out to fill it in. It looks a little bit like a leaf.straight lines for light purple thread

Here is how it looks with both the purple sections completed. The center is popping up which I rather like and for the most part, the puckering has and purple threads completed

Because of the way the center popped up, I've decided just to outline the red/yellow sections with a black thread (see how the quilt is talking to me?). I stitched around the center section and then the four larger sections in the outline around red and yellow sections

That worked rather well so it has prompted me to outline the purple sections too, this time with a dark purple instead of black thread. Can you see the difference in these threads? It's not easy.dark purple thread to outline purple sections

Now the purple sections are outlined too so I can move on.dark purple outline completed

For the teal sections I found a rayon thread to add a little shine. I outlined the sections and added a little swirly stitch like stipple. It turned out to almost look like a bit of rayon thread filling in green section with squiggles

The orange sections in the very corners of the block I kept simple. I think I'll add some beading to these sections next week so won't add too much stitching now. This section looks like a flower!orange thread added

I decided not to stitch the darker green sections at this time but instead outlined the entire block with a black thread. I then echoed the line about 1/4" away to make a white border. You can see the puckering has moved to outside the black line and there is little to none in the center now.outlined with black thread to make white border

This turned out to be a fun block so far. How did yours turn out?

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