My Stitch Along for December Week Two

Posted by Ruth on 13 December 2015 | 3 Comments
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This week is all about coloring. Coloring is a fun and relaxing activity and many adults are doing this now. It's almost as much fun as quilting so you can imagine what happens when you put the two together.

I set out preparing my work space. First I printed off one of the designs, I selected the second one posted for the challenge. I cut a piece of white-on-white fabric and pressed freezer paper to the back to make drawing the outlines easier. This supports the fabric better so using a pen is almost like drawing on paper. I also set up the light box so I could easily see the lines through the fabric and freezer paper.lightbox and freezer paper backed fabric

You can see how easy it is to see the lines through the paper when on the light box.lines on paper showing through fabric

I used a Pigma fabric pen and started drawing along the lines. To keep them straight I used a ruler. Can you see where I have drawn and still have more to go?drawing lines with pigma pen

I have completed the first quarter of the design and the main diagonal lines as well as the center square. Now to continue on... and here is the entire design drawn on the fabric. It didn't take too long at all, I guess because I was in a hurry to start adding some color.all lines of design drawn with pigma pen

I started painting with the orange, however on the fabric the orange paint turned to more of a pink shade than orange.blocks painted with orange that ended up pink in color

I thought perhaps I wasn't using enough paint so added more, but that only made the paint bleed into the next space.too much paint will bleed into next space

I added purple next, using less paint, but still a little too much so I worked out a better way to apply it to reduce the bleeding. I dipped my brush in the teal paint and painted a line within the edge leaving a section unpainted.start painting with an outline inside the edge

Then I filled in the center without dipping the brush again.fill in the center with paint

Now with what paint was left on the brush and the excess around the section painted, I pulled the paint out to the black line. You can see now I have very little bleeding of paint.pull paint out to edges

Here's how it looks with the orange (or pink), purple and purple green paint added

I continued on and added red, yellow and blue sections. The yellow was quite pale but at least it was still yellow, unlike the orange which was still bothering blue yellow paint added

In the end, I decided I just needed to do something about that orange. I had a lighter purple paint and decided to find out how that would look if I went over the orange. Not too bad and I definitely liked it better than that pink shade. Looking at the photos and comparing them is interesting as the photo above now makes the pink look more orange than it really does. I still like the mauve better.light purple added over orange

I had a paint called autumn which was a rustic brown color so I decided to add a little white to it to lighten it. That worked out not too bad and I now have a decent orange color. I used it in the corner spaces on the fabric though as I didn't want to attempt adding a third paint to those first made by mixing paints

One more color, a dark green was added in little sections around the outside edge.painting completed with some white left

I liked the idea of leaving some white space. I had considered adding black, but changed my mind. To finish off, I used the iron to heat-set the paint into the fabric.heat press with iron to heat set paints

I love how the cats on the white-on-white show up now in the color sections. Do you see them? It may be a little hard to pick up, but it reminded me of some dyed fabric I had which was dyed on white-on-white fabric and thought it might be fun to use as a border. I found several colors that might work so cut some strips to audition around my colorful painted block.

painted block with red border painted block with purple border
painted block with blue border painted block with green border


Which fabric do you like best?


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  • Like the purple

    Posted by Gayle Eastwood, 15/12/2015 11:41am (6 years ago)

  • # one, the red one

    Posted by lee, 15/12/2015 11:33am (6 years ago)

  • They all look good. I prefer the teal (lower right) I am ready to get going on this.

    Posted by Barbara F/, 14/12/2015 1:24pm (6 years ago)

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