My Stitch Along for June week 2

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Word games are fun, especially when you mix them with quilting. I have been thinking hard about how I can incorporate the thought "broken shape" into my quilt. It wasn't until I got started that the real idea came to me. If you missed the rules this week or want to get started, you can find them here - Week One rules and Week Two rules.

First up, I decided to pull another piece of fabric from my stash. This time a lighter fabric to form as a background. I really want my brights to stand out. Black had crossed my mind, but this light fabric almost jumped out of the cupboard to me. I reminds me of water paints when they run together and begin to mix. Perfect!A soft background fabric

I made the decision to just use one fabric from last week's selection for now. I might use others later.bright colored fabric chosen last week

I like this fabric because it has so many colors in it and they blend through from light to dark. I started cutting small petals out of the light blue light blue petals

They really are not large enough.... hmmmm. But that gave me an idea! I decided I would break the petals into colors to create my "broken shapes". I started by adding a dark part of the fabric to the end of the blue petal.dark petal extension added to one petal

And from there I cut another extension, this time in the bright reddish color.a third petal section is added - this one bright reddish/pink

Now each petal is broken into three colors. I made seven in total. seven petals with three sections each

To finish the flower, I cut out a gold circle from the same fabric and placed it in the center.golden center added to flower

The next flower I made I used the bright pink area for the tips of the petals.flower with pink tips

I made one more with the red tips so now I have three flowers - a good number.three flowers with pink and red tips on background fabric

I was going to stop there, but then I remembered the other fabrics and decided I would use the same idea to create a broken leaf.broken leaf shape

I made four leaves and added them around the flowers. You can see how it looks when you visit the June Gallery. They are pressed onto the background but not stitched yet. That will be next week.

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